Milan again failed to get AEK

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Milan and AEK for the second consecutive match according football sure bets failed to score. Greece`s D-League meeting in Europe ended again 0: 0, as was the case in Milan a few weeks ago. The clean positions in front of the two doors were rare. The best opportunity was in the 57th minute when Ricardo Montolio hit the bar. After this result, the Rossoners continue to be leaders in the eight-point group, while the Greeks are second with six. The third team came out of Austria (Vienna), who achieved the first success in the group after 4: 1 when they visited Rijeka. Milan`s weak performance is also taking place in Europe. Rosoners were pressed to visit AEK. After the first minutes in which the two teams approached cautiously, the Greeks began to dominate and threaten Donatorama`s door. In the 12th minute Galo made a diagonal blow that went off the right beam. A bit later the home side was attacking via the by the left touchline, coming in from the left wing, but the ball hit the post and the defense easily cleared the rebound. Vincenzo Montella`s team lost the battle in the middle of the field, although their rival was ordered to rely on counterattacks. In the 19th minute AEK received a foul of a good position in front of the penalty area, but Kristodoulopoulos`s shot, which went dangerously to the left corner, was diverted from Borini. At the middle of the first half, Milan briefly stepped up and gave the game to a more dangerous centering and a long pass to Kutron, but the home keeper managed to get out and clear the ball. After this period, the two teams slowed down and created almost nothing interesting until the end of half time.

AEK started more actively and the second part, starting from the beginning. After cornering Vranjesh, the Italians were uncovered, but his head was inaccurate. A little later, Donoruma had to intervene after a hit by Simoes. The pace after the break was far higher, both teams headed for the goal. Milan began to play more aggressively and organized several good attacks, one of the reasons being the entry of Susa, who appeared in the game for the start of the second half. In the 57th minute Montojo received a good shot from the right and shot the diagonal and the ball hit the right beam.

Suzo`s entry allowed Chalhanoolo to find empty spaces more easily. The Turk made a nice shot in the 65th minute, but the ball went straight to Anesthesis`s hands, who killed her. By the end, both teams were trying to reach the goal but without risking the defense, and the result was a few distant blows. At the very end AEK captain Johansson made a strong shot, but the ball went off the door.

AEK - MILAN 0: 0


0: 1 - Prokop (41)

1: 1 - Pavicich (61): 2 - Prokop (62)

1: 3 - Serbest (73)

1: 4 - Monshan (83)

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