Paolo Valeri will play the derby between Milan and Juventus

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Experienced arbiter Paolo Valeri was elected to lead the big clash of the 11th round in Serie A between Milan and Juventus. Rosoneries take the champion of their Giuseppe Meazza at 19:00 on Saturday and Valeri will have the tough task of tame the passions of the pitch.

The duel between Napoli and Sassuolo is entrusted to Luke Piretto. Verona and Inter will be Claudio Gavillci, and Michael Fabri is set to play the clash between Roma and Bologna. Serie A, 11 Round, Judge Appointments:

Benetveno - Lazio: Piero Zacomeli

Crotone - Fiorentina: Fabio Marresca

Verona - Inter: Claudio Gavalci

Milan - Juventus: Paolo Valeri

Napoli- Sassuolo: Luka Pajreto

Roma - Bologna: Michael Fabri
Sampdoria - Kievo: Daniele Doveri

JALOA: Daniele Orsato
Torino - Cagliari: Canluca Calvaree

Udinese - Atalanta: Canluca Rocky

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