Ancelotti: It is very difficult to stop Mbappe and Neymar

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Bayern Munich (Munich) coach Carlo Ancelotti was disappointed after losing 0: 3 from Paris Saint-Germain.He admitted that it was quite difficult for his team to deal with the fast-paced Kylian Mabe and Neymar, who throughout the game did not stop harassing the Bavarians` defense.

Stopping Mbappe and Neymar is very difficult, especially when they haveenough space to unleash their qualities.Then it is very difficult to keep them.The first goal fell very early and then we were forced to play more offensive.We had a chance to control the development of the match, but we had a better balance.Moreover, Neymar, Cavani and Mbappe were very dangerous, Ancelotti said. The coach also commented on his decision to leave Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery on the bench in this match.

The plan was to control the development of the match.our goal was more people in the middle of the field.I thought we would win, but the truth is Robben and Ribery are great players.This time they stayed on the bench, but this happens in every match.When you are at the head of a big team, you will always have to leave big players among the reserves, the Italian added.

The development of the match changed after the first goal.Then PSG stopped playing and waited only for the counterattack.Even before the game analyzed by contacts with football stats I knew they were a very strong team.We were prepared to control the development of the meeting, but we did not get it.The problem was that we made too many counterattacks, Carlete concluded

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