Chelsea again bruised Mourinho on Stamford Bridge and approached a point behind United

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Champion Chelsea defeated Manchester United 1-0 at Stamford Bridge, which has come close to a point behind today`s rival. Alvaro Morata (55 u0026 039) was the only shot to be his first goal since September. Londoners deserved this success with more active play for most of the game, although at the end the `Red Devils` had two great opportunities to achieve equality. United fell behind eight points behind Manchester City.

Gallot Kanete returned to the lead of Antonio Conte after missing the last six matches predicted by football livescore due to an injury. David Lewis was left out of the box for today`s match, and Andreas Christensen started his job at the center of defense. Davide Tzapakosta was also the title holder.

Marouan Felaini recovered from his injury, but was left on the bench for Manchester United for the start. Jose Mourinho bet on the same 11, who started at the win over Tottenham a week ago.

In the seventh minute, Phil Jones scored a stunning goal after finding Alonso`s centering leg. Chief Referee Anthony Taylor, however, decided to cancel this own goal because of a violation of Alvaro Morata. The Spaniard`s hands were on the back of the defender, but the decision seemed to be quite controversial.

A few minutes later, Rashford had the opportunity to open but shot his head over the door. In the 12th minute Bakayoko got a chance to shoot at 12 meters but his shot was quite inaccurate. Seconds after the Frenchman shoots again, but the ball rises to the back of a United defender.

In the 16th minute, Kurthoa saved a dangerous shot of Lukaku. The duel, contrary to expectations, continued to be very open and two-pointed. Two minutes later, Hazard brought a good shot from the border of the penalty area. De Hea intervened magnificently and slaughtered, after which Dapacosta tried to add a head but the ball was on the outside of the net.

In the 34th minute, Morata fell into the penalty area, claiming a penalty. Such was not right, but Smiling`s hands were similar to what had previously been the moral offense of the Morse in the Jones situation.

Five minutes before the break, Christensen missed a good opportunity after finding Fabregas`s centering corner. The ball, however, ricocheted in the defender`s shoulder and passed the door.

In the 53rd minute, Hazard received an unexpected opportunity for himself. The Belgian was leaked into the penalty area and found the air centered on the left but fired weakly and rightly into De Hae`s hands. Just two minutes later, however, Chelsea`s better game worked. The morgue was very well placed and headed by Aspiniketa`s deep centering center - 1: 0.

Mourinho reacted to this development with the inclusion of Marcellus and Felainis, who replaced Mhhitariyan and Jones.

1/4 hour before the end Bakajoko took away from Felaini and advanced to the penalty area, but again his shot was inaccurate. Shortly thereafter, De Hea saved a shot of Hazard.

In the 82nd minute, Anthony Taylor scared Ander Herrera, who came in the back of Hazard after he had a yellow card.

Four minutes before the end of Ra`s blow

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